Biden’s Afghan Fiasco Exposed: General Blames State Dept for Abbey Gate Bombing

The recent House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing exposed the Biden administration’s catastrophic mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, with retired Gen. Frank McKenzie pinpointing the State Department’s policy failures as directly leading to the bombing tragedy at Abbey Gate. This testimony ripped the Biden administration to shreds like a paper in a shredder!

McKenzie made it crystal clear that it was the policy decisions – not the fault of the valiant military personnel on the ground – that resulted in the calamitous withdrawal and the devastating bombing incident. It’s like Biden and his team were playing a game of political Jenga, except instead of wooden blocks, they were pulling out policy decisions left and right, causing the whole tower to come crashing down.

As McKenzie recounted the timeline, it became apparent that the Biden administration’s lackadaisical approach and delayed actions were akin to trying to navigate through a field of landmines blindfolded. The military had its strategic plans lined up during the Trump administration, but when Biden took over, it was like a bull in a china shop – chaotic and destructive.

And let’s not forget about the glaring error in judgment when the State Department dragged its feet on initiating the non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO). It’s as though they were waiting for a sign from above like a pigeon waiting for breadcrumbs, instead of taking decisive action to protect American lives and our allies. The incompetence was so thick, you could cut it with a chainsaw.

The testimony highlighted the grim reality that as a result of the Biden administration’s bungles, we lost 13 courageous American servicemembers, and countless others were wounded, while leaving behind a trail of stranded Americans and allies. It’s a tragic saga of epic proportions – a real-life drama that’s more riveting than a soap opera, but with much higher stakes.

In the end, the finger-pointing and blame-shifting from the administration only serve to underscore their refusal to accept responsibility for the calamity they unleashed. It’s like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar, trying to divert attention by pointing fingers elsewhere. But let’s not be fooled – the buck stops with Biden and his team, and the weight of their failures rests heavily on their shoulders.

This hearing was like watching a political thriller unfold before our very eyes, with twists and turns that rival the best Hollywood blockbusters. It’s a sobering reminder of the consequences of inept leadership and a cautionary tale for future decision-makers. Let’s hope they learn from this debacle and strive to do better for the sake of our nation and its defenders.

Written by Staff Reports

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