Biden’s Afghanistan Fiasco: Ignoring Grieving Families, Abandoning Allies!

Liberals and democrats just can’t seem to grasp the gravity of Joe Biden’s Afghanistan disaster. This mess was a complete and utter debacle, leaving American heroes dead and thousands of allies stranded under Taliban rule. The fact that no one has taken responsibility for this catastrophic failure is mind-boggling but sadly not surprising given the incompetent leadership of the Biden administration.

Author Alexander Ward’s insights into Biden’s refusal to hold anyone accountable in his book “The Internationalists” paint a grim picture of a president who shirks responsibility at every turn. Biden’s handpicked team failed spectacularly in their handling of the withdrawal, yet they received nothing but praise from the man at the top. It’s a classic case of passing the buck and refusing to own up to monumental mistakes.

The promise to evacuate all Americans before pulling out of Afghanistan was a blatant lie, and Biden knew it. The heartlessness of abandoning so many people to face the Taliban’s wrath is a stain on his presidency that cannot be erased. The fact that Biden chose to prioritize his own interests, like talking about his son Beau during meetings with grieving families, is a slap in the face to those who lost loved ones due to his administration’s negligence.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa rightly calls out Biden for his callous disregard for Gold Star families and his refusal to meet with them. These families deserve answers and accountability, not empty gestures and hollow words. The treatment of families like the Hoovers, who have been left in the dark about the circumstances of their son’s death, is a disgrace and a clear sign of the Biden administration’s lack of transparency and leadership.

Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is a stain on America’s honor and a betrayal of our allies. It’s time for the president to own up to his mistakes, take responsibility for the lives lost and the chaos unleashed, and show some semblance of leadership in the face of adversity. The buck truly stops with him, and it’s high time he acknowledged that fact.

Written by Staff Reports

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