Truckers Torch NYC Deliveries, Rally Behind Trump in $350M Fury!

Following their resistance to Covid-19 lockdown measures, transporters nationwide are now initiating a delivery boycott to New York City in retaliation for the colossal civil judgment of $350 million placed against former President Donald Trump.

After state Judge Arthur Engoron rendered a shocking decision alleging that the Trump brand inflated the value of its assets to unjustly leverage lucrative business deals, legions of Trump-adoring long-haul drivers began to speak out. At approximately $1.5 billion in value, the family's real estate empire would be obliterated if compelled to pay the complete amount.

"I am among the numerous millions of truckers who cherish their country and have faith in God," wrote "Chicago Ray," a truck driver, on X, formerly Twitter. "I support Trump because he supports me." He wrote, "Truckers for Truckers is not a chimpanzee; it exists in reality."

Ray wrote, "I have been speaking with drivers on the radio for the past hour, and I have spoken with approximately ten drivers." "I have no idea how widespread this is or how many truckers will begin refusing loads en route to New York City, but I will advise you to investigate and see what happens," he continued.

The "survivaljunkie2" account on TikTok informed its followers that he had just received word from dispatch that shipments to their New York facility would be suspended on Monday morning.

"I just received a phone call from the company from which I was receiving a load informing me that they no longer have any loads en route to New York," he explained. "Consequently, you will receive nothing from these drivers if you are in New York."

"Be ready for the occasion, New York. S——might experience a downturn within the coming days."

Sunday night, X trended with the phrase "Boycott NYC" as over 13,000 posts regarding the anticipated closure flooded in.

"We are sick and tired of you f***ing leftists f***ing with Trump," he continued while donning a cap bearing the Trump logo. "Our superiors will not be concerned if we refuse the cargo. We'll simply go elsewhere, shall we say? You are aware of the extreme difficulty of entering New York City in one of these vehicles, correct?

The Republican leader portrayed the civil trial against President Trump, which he consistently attended, as a "witch hunt" orchestrated by a Democratic state attorney general and a judge with whom he frequently clashed during the campaign. President supporters would draw attention to Engoron's smirking during court proceedings and expose his pattern of sharing unattractive shirtless gym photos.

To cover Trump's penalty, Elena Cardone, the spouse of billionaire real estate investor Grant Cardone, created a GoFundMe page with the objective of amassing $355 million. Regarding the "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment" account on X, her spouse stated, "One hundred percent of the funds will be transferred to the Trump organization in support of his defense against this ludicrous judgment."

He further stated, "I steadfastly support President Donald Trump despite what I perceive to be an unprecedented and unjust treatment by specific judicial elements in New York." "His recent legal battles are an assault not only on his person, but also on the fundamental principles of justice and procedural fairness that are owed to every citizen of the United States."

Written by Staff Reports

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