Hillary’s Hysterics: Claims Trump’s NATO Nightmare While Ignored as Secretary

In a surprising turn of events, the once again defeated Hillary Clinton has decided to crawl out of her hiding place and start barking orders at the President. Hillary, who couldn’t even handle her own election campaign, is all of a sudden an expert on what President Donald Trump is going to do with NATO. The nerve of this woman!

During her speech at the Munich Security Conference, Clinton had the audacity to warn the audience that Trump will withdraw the U.S. from NATO if he wins a second term. She even went as far as to claim that he will become an “absolute authoritarian leader.” This coming from the same person who couldn’t even secure her own party’s nomination in 2008! Hillary, take a hint and just retire already.

Not only did Crooked Hillary spew out these wild claims, but she also dragged up the tired old Russia hoax, insinuating that President Trump is too cozy with Putin. Can she not come up with anything new? Maybe she should try stand-up comedy, because her act is getting old fast.

Of course, Hillary’s comments didn’t go unnoticed, and she got called out by none other than Richard Grenell, who rightfully pointed out that Clinton failed to convince NATO countries to pay their fair share during her time as Secretary of State. Europe saw her as weak, and she’s just bitter that President Trump is actually getting results where she failed.

And let’s not forget that NATO allies are actually praising Trump for holding countries accountable and calling out those who aren’t pulling their weight. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama knows who’s getting the job done, and it certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton.

So, there you have it, folks. The has-been politician Hillary Clinton is up to her old tricks, trying to stay relevant by spewing out baseless accusations against our President. But the truth is, the only thing Hillary should be warning us about is how not to run a presidential campaign!

Written by Staff Reports

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