Biden’s Age & Failing Memory: America’s Oldest Antique in Office?

Another day, another worrying reminder that President Joe Biden may be collecting dust in the White House if he tries for a second term. The polls are in, and it seems like most American voters have caught on to the fact that Biden’s at the age where even the candles on his birthday cake are afraid of setting off a fire alarm. At 82, he’d be looking more like a collectible antique than a sharp leader, and by the time he hits 86, it might be hard to distinguish him from the White House furniture.

What’s got most folks shaking their heads isn’t just the number of Biden’s wrinkles, but the wrinkle in his brain that seems to be unfolding more each day. His mental and physical health, or lack thereof, has folks sweating buckets. The Quinnipiac University poll revealed that a whopping 67% of voters think Biden’s rocking chair should be waiting for him elsewhere, not in the Oval Office. And when it comes to his ability to actually, you know, do stuff as President, 62% say he’s more likely to be napping than making decisions on behalf of the nation.

Biden’s not just facing an age problem, he’s struggling with an approval rating that’s dropped lower than a burrowing groundhog. With just a pitiful 40% of folks giving him a thumbs up, it’s clear that the Biden bandwagon is hitting potholes faster than a teenage driver. From handling the economy to dealing with the hairy mess at the border, people are beginning to wonder if Biden’s policy decisions are more like taking a wrecking ball to a china shop than building a brighter future for America.

The elephant in the room (and no, it’s not a GOP mascot) is Biden’s health. Almost 9 in 10 Americans are losing sleep over whether Biden’s mental and physical batteries will run out before he finishes his term. Even Democrats, who usually stick to their party like glue, are starting to wonder if Biden’s memory lapses are just a senior moment or a senior meltdown waiting to happen.

With whispers of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report digging up old skeletons in Biden’s closet, it’s no wonder the White House and Biden’s campaign team are sweating like butter on a hot pancake. Biden’s unsecured document fiasco isn’t just a blip on the radar; it’s a full-blown red alert that even his memory might need a memory boost. The looming question isn’t just whether Biden can make it to the finish line—it’s whether he’s limping, crawling, or being carried over it. Republicans are sharpening their pencils, independents are eyeing the exits, and even some Democrats are starting to wonder if it’s time for a political retirement plan for Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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