Trump Battles $354M NY Shakedown: Leftist Plot Exposed!

Former President Donald Trump faced a setback in a New York court when Judge Arthur Engoron denied his request to postpone a whopping $354 million judgment, as reported by the Democratic Attorney General Letitia James. Talk about a tough break for the former Commander-in-Chief!

The judge wasted no time in shutting down Trump’s attempt to delay the enforcement of the judgment, quickly dismissing his attorney’s plea for a 30-day reprieve. Ouch! Trump must be feeling the heat now that the legal system isn’t playing nice.

What’s even more brutal is that not only does Trump have to cough up a massive amount of money, but he’s also been barred from holding any leadership positions in New York-based companies for three years. It seems like the left just won’t give the man a break, even after his time in the Oval Office.

Attorney General James didn’t mince words, accusing Trump of inflating property values to secure loans, all while vowing to go after him during her campaign. Sounds like a classic case of liberal bias targeting our Republican champion.

Legal experts are raising eyebrows at the hefty judgment, calling it “confiscatory” and warning of dire financial consequences for Trump. Looks like the deep state is trying to bleed him dry, but we know our fearless leader won’t go down without a fight!

Let’s hope Trump and his legal team can turn the tables on this unfair ruling and show the radical left that the silent majority won’t stand for their unjust attacks. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Trump!

Written by Staff Reports

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