Biden’s AI Power Grab: GOP Attorneys General Fight Back!

President Joe Biden implemented another measure to assert authority over the private sector in November 2023 by issuing an executive order mandating the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). This power grab is, in the very least, preposterous. It is stated in the order that "algorithmic discrimination" will be addressed and that AI will work to advance civil rights and equity. However, let's be honest with one another, people. This is yet another effort to impede innovation and broaden the authority of the government.

Without congressional support, Biden is not only exceeding his authority by using the Defense Production Act (DPA) to dictate the course of the AI industry, but he is also exceeding his jurisdiction. At best, the argument that the DPA bestows him with this authority is feeble. Republican state attorneys general are fighting back, including Sean D. Reyes (Utah), Steve Marshall (Arizona), Tim Griffin (Arkanska), Ashley Moody (Florida), Raul Labrador (Idaho), and Brenna Baird (IA).

These valiant attorneys general are raising concerns regarding the execution of the executive order and its capacity for abuse. Astutely observing that centralized control over AI could result in politically motivated censorship masquerading as a means to counteract "misinformation." It is important to note that Biden has previously attempted to exert control over industries through legislation.

However, the consequences of this executive order may have even more extensive effects. In an effort to contend in the AI market, small businesses will be subject to onerous regulations that favor large corporations. Clearly, Biden's edict will hinder innovation and exacerbate the problems associated with AI. Additional red tape and government interference that chokes our economy are the last thing we require.

These Republican attorneys general's opposition to Biden's overreach is commendable. Preventing the perilous agenda of this administration will require more than a resolute letter. Legislators who are committed to safeguarding our liberties and maintaining the values of limited government are what we require; not those who seek to regulate every facet of our existence.

Therefore, let us support those who are resisting Biden's power usurpation by speaking out. People, innovation and liberty are in jeopardy. We must prevent the government from dictating the trajectory of technological advancement and controlling the future of AI. Join the attorneys general in opposing this perilous overreach by maintaining your stance. It is vital to our economy and our liberties.


Written by Staff Reports

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