Biden’s Air Force One Blunder: Elderly Clown or President?

The liberal media is once again scrambling to cover up President Joe Biden’s embarrassing blunders. A viral video caught him tripping up the stairs of Air Force One like a clown at a circus, raising serious doubts about his physical and mental capabilities. It’s so bad that the Secret Service has to babysit him at the bottom of the steps like he’s a toddler learning to walk.

To avoid future faceplants, Biden now exclusively uses a shorter staircase to board the plane. This change, reported by The New York Times, came after he stumbled while handing out diplomas – a simple task that apparently proved too challenging for him. Former President Donald Trump couldn’t resist poking fun at Biden’s frequent confusion in public, highlighting his short attention span and awkward stage exits.

Not even a biased poll could save Biden from the harsh truth – nearly two-thirds of Americans doubt his mental fitness for a second term. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report painted a bleak picture of Biden’s cognitive decline, suggesting he may not even be competent enough to prosecute. Instead of addressing these concerns head-on, Biden fumbled his way through a press conference, mixing up world leaders like a student cramming for a geography test.

The White House, always quick to play the blame game, lashed out at the press for their unfavorable coverage. Apparently, it’s wrong to call out the President’s inadequacies and expect transparency from the administration. White House Correspondents’ Association president Kelly O’Donnell rightfully hit back at attempts to control the narrative, refusing to let the truth be swept under the rug. Biden’s stumbling and bumbling may be entertaining for late-night comedians, but it’s no laughing matter when our country’s leadership is at stake.

Written by Staff Reports

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