Biden’s America: Soaring Prices Crush Dreams, Trump Era Glorified!

The radical left is at it again, spreading their delusional propaganda aimed at convincing hardworking Americans that their lives are somehow better under President Joe Biden than they were under the strong leadership of President Trump. It’s as if the liberals want us to forget the good old days when gas prices were low, inflation was nonexistent, and American families could actually afford their dream homes. But not so fast, lefties – the numbers don’t lie!

Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su, in a desperate attempt to defend the disastrous Biden administration, claimed that it was “unfortunate” that some Americans feel better off during the “COVID era of Donald Trump.” She even had the audacity to laugh at the suggestion that things were better before Biden took office. Well, Ms. Su, the only thing that’s unfortunate is your blatant disregard for the truth.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) swiftly set the record straight with some hard-hitting facts that the left conveniently ignores. Gas prices have soared a whopping 50% since Biden took office, crushing the wallets of hardworking Americans. Real average weekly earnings are down 4.2% under Biden, a far cry from the robust 8.2% increase we saw under President Trump. And don’t even get started on inflation – under Biden, it’s been averaging a staggering 5.6%, compared to a modest 1.9% under Trump.

But wait, there’s more! Alfredo Ortiz, the president and CEO of Job Creators Network, exposed the left’s deceitful “victory lap” after the March jobs report. While they may be celebrating, the reality is that half of the jobs created last month were in unproductive healthcare sectors, leaving hardworking Americans struggling to find full-time employment. The Main Street labor market is in shambles, despite what the left-wing elites on Wall Street and K Street would have you believe.

So, the next time a liberal tries to tell you that the Biden administration is doing a bang-up job, just remember the good old Trump days – when gas prices were low, paychecks were fat, and the American Dream was within reach. Don’t let the left’s revisionist history fool you – the numbers tell the real story, and it’s not pretty.

Written by Staff Reports

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