Biden’s Approval Plunges: Inflation, Age, and Trump’s Shadow to Blame

Joe Biden’s approval numbers are plummeting, and it’s not hard to see why. High inflation has hit working families hard, and the economy is stagnant. It’s no wonder that many nonwhite voters are not enthusiastic about another four years of Biden. There are five theories to explain this dip in support, and they all have some truth to them.

One theory is that Biden’s age and increasing decrepitude have cast a lackluster cloud over the young cohorts of the Democratic base. It’s hard for young voters to get excited about a president who seems out of touch and past his prime. But that’s not the only problem.

The Democratic Party has moved too far to the left, with progressives pushing for radical changes like putting hardcore pornography in libraries and distributing puberty blockers in schools. It’s no wonder that nonwhite voters are turning away from the party. The connection between progressive policies and Democratic losses among Hispanic voters is clear. The party needs to rein in the excesses of the left if they want to win back nonwhite voters.

But perhaps the biggest factor is Donald Trump. He still looms large in American politics, and voters are more motivated by their feelings toward him than toward Biden. Trump’s brand of populism has appeal not only to white working-class voters but also to many nonwhite working-class voters. His anti-establishment outsider politics and focus on the economy resonate with these voters. And despite his controversial remarks, they did not provoke a significant backlash among nonwhite voters.

It’s a maddening paradox that Trump’s policies are popular even if his personality is not. The Republican Party has been taken over by Trump, and his economic appeal could be a powerful force in the upcoming elections. Nonwhite voters are not as ideologically rigid as their college-educated white counterparts, and they may be turned off by the lackluster performance of the Biden administration.

In the end, it all comes down to the economy. Nonwhite voters, like all voters, want to see real results and improvements in their lives. If Biden can’t deliver on his promises and the economy continues to struggle, nonwhite voters will not be satisfied. The Democratic Party needs to wake up to these realities and start addressing the concerns of nonwhite voters if they want to maintain their stronghold on this important constituency.

Written by Staff Reports

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