Biden’s Balloon Blunder: China Fumes, US Defends Spy Debacle, GOP Exposes Weakness!

Despite the widely-publicized apology by US Vice President Joe Biden for the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon, the exchange of opinions between him and the Chinese leader was not well-received. Blinken's trip to China was described as an "apology tour." In conservative media, Biden was reported to have defended the shooting down of the balloon and said that the Chinese president was very angry.

Jinping, the CCP leader, reportedly didn't know that a balloon was flying in the US. Biden noted that this was because the vessel had been blown off course.

Democrats are hoping that Americans will believe that the Chinese surveillance balloon was just a weather balloon that drifted off course. Intelligence revealed that it was flying near military bases in Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming. A spokesperson for the CCP criticized Biden's apology last week, calling it irresponsible and absurd.

It's also worrying that Biden has a soft spot for China due to his past business relationships with the country. The Chinese Communist Party has already indicated that it could exploit his vulnerabilities. The US is reportedly trying to appease the Chinese by giving them what they want.

Blinken's attempt to establish a direct hotline between the US and China's military failed, which made the country look weaker. Blinken also had a hard time convincing the Chinese leaders that the incident involving the spy balloon was closed.

Republicans claimed that Biden's administration gave China the green light to carry out more intimidation through the communist regime. Some of them, such as Ben Cline and Marsha Blackburn, criticized Blinken for not showing enough support for Taiwan's independence and for failing to address the Chinese government's aggression.

Some Republican members of Congress criticized a photo of Blinken and Xi that was widely circulated online. They noted that it depicted Blinken as an emasculated individual following his previous statements about the CCP.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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