Biden’s Basement Secrets: Exposed! Dems Scramble to Save Face

In a shocking turn of events, Special Counsel Robert Hur dropped a bombshell during his testimony on Capitol Hill, revealing that President Joe Biden had been sitting on a pile of classified documents collected during his time in the Obama administration for years before finally handing them over in 2022. It’s like finding a hidden treasure chest in the White House basement!

During the heated exchange with Congressman Tom McClintock from the Golden State of California, it was revealed that Biden had admitted to his ghostwriter back in 2017 that he stumbled upon these classified gems while rummaging through his basement like a raccoon in the trash. This directly contradicts Biden’s earlier claims that he had not shared any unauthorized information with said ghostwriter. Oops, busted!

The X campaign, a trusty wing of the Trump squad, wasted no time in pouncing on this revelation, highlighting Biden’s denial, “I did not share classified information. I did not with my ghostwriter, did not share. Guarantee you did not.” But Hur dropped the mic when he quoted evidence of Biden actually reading these top-secret materials to his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer. Talk about a plot twist!

Meanwhile, the Democrats are scrambling to protect President Biden’s image, insisting that he returned the classified materials as per the National Archives’ requests, unlike the former President Trump who they claim ignored similar demands. But the cat’s out of the bag now, as Hur’s report paints Biden as a forgetful “elderly old man” who may have innocently forgotten the rules. Are we watching a real-life sequel to “Dude, Where’s My Classified Documents?”

As Biden’s camp tries to spin this as a senior moment, the conservative critics are sharpening their pens, ready to expose any cracks in his facade. Will this revelation spark a debate about Biden’s age and memory? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – politics just got a whole lot juicier!

Written by Staff Reports

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