Biden’s Blunder: Xi Flexes Muscle Near Taiwan Post-Call, Shows Who’s Boss

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ol’ Joe Biden getting a stern message from Communist Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping! Looks like Xi wasted no time in flexing his military muscle around Taiwan right after chatting with Sleepy Joe on the phone. Talk about lack of respect, am I right?

After Biden and Xi’s chat, suddenly there were tons of Chinese warplanes and ships buzzing around Taiwan like it’s a summer barbecue. The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense was quick to point out the massive presence of 30 planes and 9 ships in Taiwan’s airspace. Bet Xi’s message was loud and clear: “Don’t mess with China, Joe!”

Now, don’t get too excited thinking Biden laid down the law in that phone call. The two leaders did talk about China’s aggressive military moves, Russia, and trade, but it seems like Xi just shrugged it off. I mean, come on, if Xi can send his planes to circle Taiwan right after chatting with Biden, it’s like saying, “Thanks for the chat, but I’ll do what I want anyway.”

And let’s not forget Biden’s flip-flopping on defending Taiwan. One day he’s all gung-ho about sending the military, the next it’s like, “Eh, maybe not.” No wonder Xi Jinping doesn’t take him seriously! It’s like Biden’s playing a game of diplomatic yo-yo that even a fifth-grader can see through.

But hey, at least Biden had a “candid and constructive” talk with Xi, right? Constructive? Yeah, right. More like Xi showing off his military toys while Biden scrambles to find his notes. Come on, Joe, step up your game or get ready for more Chinese jets buzzing your calls. And if you need some advice, just ask a conservative. We’re always here to help straighten things out in a capitalist, freedom-loving way!

Written by Staff Reports

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