Biden’s Blunders Embolden Terror Cheerleaders in US Streets!

The recent rallies in support of terrorist groups like Hamas and the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists are nothing short of a celebration of hatred against the West and the Jewish people. These so-called activists are nothing more than fanboys for these cretins who engage in despicable acts such as slavery and conscripting children into their terror army. The Biden administration’s weak foreign policy decisions have only emboldened these terrorists, with the removal of the Houthis’ terrorist designation further illustrating the administration’s incompetence on the world stage.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these anti-Israel protesters have shown their true colors by chanting horrifying slogans and even endorsing massacres. They shamelessly gathered at Times Square in New York City, chanting, “UK and US go to hell,” and spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric. The audacity of these terrorists’ cheerleaders knows no bounds.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some of these protesters even resorted to violent behavior, nearly tearing down reinforced fences outside the White House while shouting profanities and assaulting officers. Shockingly, zero arrests were made, sending the message that this behavior is somehow acceptable. It’s clear that these individuals have no respect for law and order, and their actions should not be tolerated.

And let’s not forget about the Democratic staffers who have been publicly protesting their own bosses’ policies, demonstrating a lack of loyalty and decency. If they hate Israel and the West so much, they should seek employment elsewhere, instead of tarnishing the reputation of their own government.

It’s time for these pro-terrorism rallies to be called out for what they really are: a disgraceful display of support for violence and extremism. The Western world must remain vigilant against these dangerous ideologies and stand firmly in support of our allies in the face of such vile hatred.

Written by Staff Reports

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