Biden’s Bold Bid to Paint North Carolina Blue, Ditches Georgia Focus

The Washington Examiner has learned that President Joe Biden and his supporters are setting their sights on flipping North Carolina red to blue this fall. The move comes as some Democrats are getting nervous about their chances in Georgia, a state they narrowly won in the last presidential election.

Biden lost in North Carolina by just over 1% in 2020, and before that, the state hadn’t gone blue since 1976. However, Democrats have had success in winning the governor’s seat in North Carolina, with seven out of the last eight gubernatorial elections going to Democrats. Despite this, the state has favored Republicans in presidential elections and has voted for GOP senators in recent years.

The Biden campaign, in response to concerns about their chances in Georgia, is prioritizing North Carolina. Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat from North Carolina, is advocating for the campaign’s focus on his state, citing its importance and potential to help the president secure victory. Democratic groups see North Carolina as a prime opportunity for Biden, especially with controversial Republican candidate Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson securing the GOP nomination for governor. Robinson has faced criticism for past remarks about homosexuality, antisemitism, and the Parkland school shooting.

Additionally, North Carolina’s growing population, particularly in metropolitan areas like Charlotte and Raleigh, presents a promising opportunity for Democrats. The influx of new residents, particularly people of color from traditionally blue states, could potentially sway the state’s political landscape in the Democrats’ favor.

On the other hand, Georgia, which Biden narrowly won in 2020, poses a tougher challenge for the Democrats. The state’s mayor of Savannah acknowledged the importance of Georgia but stressed the need for intentional investment in both North Carolina and Georgia. Meanwhile, some Democrats expressed frustration over the potential shift in focus from Georgia to North Carolina, citing the significant effort put into the 2020 election in Georgia.

Despite the shift in priorities, Democrats in Georgia remain determined to keep their state blue. Senator Raphael Warnock emphasized the importance of Georgia in the road to the White House, indicating a resilient Democratic effort to maintain the state’s support for the party.

The Biden campaign is shifting its attention to flipping North Carolina, recognizing its potential to secure a victory for the Democrats in the upcoming election, while also maintaining a strong focus on Georgia. Their strategic move reflects the party’s eagerness to bolster support in key swing states as they gear up for the next election cycle.

Written by Staff Reports

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