Biden’s Books Crumble as ‘Breaking Biden’ Skyrockets to Top 18 on Amazon!

In yet another remarkable turn of events, it seems that the liberal media’s criticism of President Biden has backfired once again. This time, it was left-wing Politico who had to eat their words after declaring that “Biden books are still bombing.” It appears that they spoke too soon, as the forthcoming book “Breaking Biden” by Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow has skyrocketed to an impressive #18 on the Amazon charts.

It’s no surprise that a book exposing the truth about President Biden’s actions and policies would resonate with the American people. With each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that Biden’s presidency is plagued with incompetence and questionable decision-making. And unlike the biased mainstream media, Marlow isn’t afraid to shine a light on these glaring flaws.

This sudden surge in popularity for “Breaking Biden” is a clear indication that there is a strong demand among conservatives for honest and unfiltered analysis of the current administration. It’s refreshing to see that Americans are hungry for the truth and are not satisfied with the sugarcoated narratives pushed by the left.

As a conservative, it’s encouraging to see a book like “Breaking Biden” gaining traction and challenging the dominant liberal narrative. It’s a reminder that there are still voices out there willing to speak the truth, even when it may be unpopular among the mainstream media and the progressive elites. This is a win for conservatives and for freedom of speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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