Biden’s Border Backtrack: From Denial to Executive Action

In what seems like a sudden revelation, President Joe Biden has decided to take action to address the ongoing crisis at the southern border by considering executive orders aimed at halting illegal migration. Despite previous claims of powerlessness, the White House is now mulling over unilateral measures to curb illegal crossings, as it appears unlikely that Congress will pass any border security legislation.

It’s quite the eye-opener that the Biden administration has only recently recognized its ability to issue executive orders on immigration, especially considering the surge in illegal border crossings over the past year. The reported ‘Plan B’ option is poised to make some progressives in Congress uneasy, but will likely please Democratic mayors who have been calling for federal assistance in managing the influx of migrants in their cities.

However, it’s important to note that any potential executive action will pale in comparison to the impact of a comprehensive border security bill passed by Congress. In fact, the proposed legislation before the Senate included provisions that raised serious concerns among conservatives, such as taxpayer-funded lawyers for young migrants and pathways to citizenship for unvetted Afghan refugees.

Not to mention, the allocation of funds for border security in the proposed bill was significantly dwarfed by the amount earmarked for foreign aid, sparking outrage among the GOP base. The perceived lack of seriousness in the negotiations over the border bill has only served to further alienate Republicans, who view it as a legislative ploy rather than a genuine effort to address the border crisis.

In light of these developments, one can’t help but wonder if the entire strategy was to craft a bill that Democrats knew wouldn’t garner enough GOP support, thereby creating an opportunity for the Biden administration to take unilateral action through executive orders. It’s as if the White House deliberately engineered a situation to make it appear as though they are finally taking decisive measures to tackle illegal immigration, conveniently timed for the upcoming election year.

As the Biden administration charts its course on immigration policy, one can’t help but wonder if the President might be consulting with historical figures in his decision-making process, given his recent puzzling remarks and actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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