Biden’s Border Blunders Leave Americans in Peril!

As Townhall readers already know, the U.S.-Mexico border has been spiraling into chaos ever since President Biden opened the floodgates with his reckless border policies. It’s not just a border crisis, it’s a public health crisis, a national security crisis, and a humanitarian crisis all rolled into one. But for the lackeys in the mainstream media who take their marching orders straight from the White House, it was always just a minor inconvenience. They brushed it off as “irregular migration” or some other watered-down version of reality. But now, even CNN can’t ignore the harsh truth of life along the border for hardworking Americans.

CNN reporters recently spoke with some Americans who have been callously ignored by the Biden administration, and their stories are nothing short of infuriating. Just ask Brian Silvas, who shelled out his hard-earned cash for 78 acres of land on the Southern California border with Mexico, only to find that the border wall ended just a few feet into his property. Now he’s left with nothing but a flimsy razor wire fence to protect his land. And what does he see every day? Dozens, if not hundreds, of migrants brazenly crossing onto his property. This influx has only gotten worse since the Biden administration let Title 42 expire, a move that was supposed to protect public health by turning away migrants at the border. “If I had the money, I would build my own wall right here!” Silvas fumed. It’s clear to anyone with common sense that a sturdier wall could make all the difference.

But wait, there’s more. Just five miles east of Silvas’ property, Jerry and Maria Shuster, a couple of immigrants themselves, are dealing with their own border nightmare. Not only are migrants trespassing on their 17-acre property, but they’re actually setting up camp there. Tents, trash, and discarded clothes now litter the land, and the Shusters have watched as their beloved trees were chopped down and used for fires. These law-abiding citizens have had enough. Jerry, who emigrated from the former Yugoslavia, and Maria, who hails from Mexico, are voicing their frustration with the government’s failure to address this illegal immigration crisis. “Stop it because (the migrants aren’t) helping us; they’re destroying us,” Maria pleaded. It’s a heartbreaking situation that could be resolved with decisive action to halt the chaos at the border.

Once again, the realities of the border crisis are plain to see. Americans are suffering, their property is under siege, and their pleas for help are falling on deaf ears. It’s abundantly clear that what this country needs is strong leadership and firm action to secure the border and protect law-abiding citizens from the chaos unleashed by Biden’s disastrous policies. The time for talk is over; it’s time for real solutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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