Biden’s Burisma Secret: GOP Demands Peek at Speech Drafts!

Access to the draughts of Joe Biden's speech regarding the dismissal of Burisma prosecutor Viktor Shokin is being demanded by Republicans. Joe Biden has been boasting about how he effectively advocated for the dismissal of Shokin in 2018 so that Ukraine could obtain a substantial loan guarantee of $1 billion. Commendable nefarious dealings!

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been requesting these manuscripts for over five months. However, the White House has continued to play "hide and seek" by preventing the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) from providing them to Congress. What are they concealing?

Throughout the Obama administration, Biden was the authoritative figure on everything Ukraine-related. It also appears that he attempted to coerce the Ukrainian president into dismissing Shokin, who was conducting an investigation into the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, by leveraging his position. Furthermore, who was seated elegantly on the Burisma board? Indeed, that is Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. That position earned him an annual salary of $1 million until his father-in-law left office. Certainly not a bad bargain!

However, the House impeachment investigation is now taking a firm stance. They require the draught speeches immediately. They assert that the White House is delaying the publication of these documents on purpose in an effort to obstruct the investigation. Furthermore, I must say that these protracted strategies are entirely unacceptable!

Therefore, the White House should immediately cease playing games and disclose the drafts. The American people have a right to be informed of the truth regarding Joe's dealings in Ukraine. It is time to hold Biden accountable for his actions and bring attention to the malfeasance.

Written by Staff Reports

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