Biden’s Cabinet Faces Impeachment Threat Over Afghan Fiasco!

Due to the growing number of controversies involving the president and his cabinet, Joe Biden and his team are in danger of being impeached. The House Republican majority is eager to take action once they get back from their recess.

Congressman Cory Mills is a true American hero from Florida. He made headlines last week after introducing a resolution that sought to impeach Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense.

In his report, Mills referred to Austin's mishandling of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as "high crimes and misdemeanors." The incident, which led to the deaths of American troops and the abandonment of Afghan allies, was regarded as a national embarrassment.

Mills' resolution revealed that Austin intentionally abandoned the American troops in Afghanistan. It also revealed that he failed to prepare for the withdrawal. Despite having a lot of time to get his act together, he still didn’t prepare for the withdrawal.

Being a brave soul, Mills knew the consequences of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. As a member of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, he participated in the first successful overland rescue mission.

In his statement, Mills explained his reasons for pushing for Austin's removal from office. He accused high-ranking officials of ignoring warnings about the situation in Afghanistan. He also noted that the failure of the Biden administration to hold accountable those involved in the withdrawal led to the deaths of 13 American soldiers.

Upon learning about Mills' resolution, the Internet was quick to heap praise on him. Even though many Americans supported him for standing up for what he believed in, will he be able to get enough House members to support his impeachment motion?

The mishandling of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is just another example of how incompetent the Biden administration has been. From their failure to prepare for the withdrawal to the deaths of American troops, they have repeatedly shown that they are not fit for their positions. It's time for them to be held accountable.

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