Biden’s Cash Cow: Chinese Funds Flow to Joe!

A $40,000 gift from President Joe Biden's brother in 2017 has been called into question by bank records and other papers. A report put together by the House Oversight Committee, which is run by Republicans, says the money may have come from a Chinese company and gone through several Biden family businesses. There isn't direct proof that the money was meant for President Biden, but there is some evidence that points in that direction. For example, Hunter Biden sent a text message to some Chinese friends that mentioned his father's name just a few days before the money was wired to a Hunter Biden account.

The head of the Oversight Committee for the Republicans, Rep. James Comer, said that President Biden was getting money from other countries and making money from his family's businesses. He did say, though, that it was possible that the $40,000 check was just a loan payment. Comer said it was still important to show how Joe Biden's family has made money off of his name, with money coming from China.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is the senior member on the Oversight Committee, denied the claims and said there is no proof that President Biden did anything wrong. He didn't like how broad and deep the subpoenas that committee Republicans sent out were. He said they were an unfair way to get to private people's financial records.

The committee got bank records and FBI interview notes with Hunter Biden's friends, which made the case that the $40,000 payment may have come from a Chinese company even stronger. The records show that the Biden family accounts were either almost empty or had money deposited into them from Chinese companies. After following the money from one transaction to the next, the committee found out how it got to Joe Biden.

The committee had already said that it had found proof of a straight $200,000 payment from President Biden's brother. This new information comes after that. The president said that this payment was for paying back a loan. The transferred funds made up most or all of the account balances in both cases, which suggests a direct link between the original payment of several million dollars and the $40,000 check.

Even though it seems likely that the $40,000 payment was for a loan, the effects of these deals are concerning. Rep. Comer said that President Biden put his own desire for money ahead of America's interests by accepting money from a Chinese-owned business, leaving himself open to being blackmailed. The White House hasn't said anything about these claims yet. A new study shows that most Americans think President Biden's actions regarding his family's business dealings in other countries have been either illegal or unethical.

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