Biden’s Chopper Stumble: Glimpse of Memory Issues?

President Joe Biden had another moment of clumsiness as he stepped off Marine One upon his return to Washington, D.C. this Sunday. It seems like he just can’t catch a break! The incident happened right after he left his Delaware residence, so maybe he was still a bit groggy from his nap.

As he exited the chopper, Biden managed to make a misstep or misjudge the height of the helicopter’s door. It was such a small mishap, but of course, the liberal media blew it out of proportion, as they always do.

Now, this little incident may not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually symbolic of much bigger concerns. The recent report by special counsel Robert Hur revealed that Biden has “significant memory issues.” And let me tell you, that’s not something you want in a leader of the free world.

It’s no wonder people are starting to question Biden’s mental and physical fitness. I mean, come on, if he can’t even handle stepping out of a helicopter without stumbling, how can he handle the challenges of running a country? It’s like watching grandpa trying to navigate a high school obstacle course.

Let’s not forget, Biden is 81 years old, making him the oldest president in American history. That’s a fact that should have raised some eyebrows before he even took office. But of course, the liberals were too busy celebrating their “diversity” and “progress” to stop and think about the consequences of electing a senior citizen.

So, while the liberal elites will try to sweep this incident under the rug, we conservatives know better. We see it for what it is: a clear sign that Biden is not up to the task of leading our great nation. Maybe next time he should consider taking a golf cart instead of a helicopter. It’s safer for everyone involved.

Written by Staff Reports

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