Biden’s Civility Sham: Vulgar Jabs at Trump Revealed

President Joe Biden’s facade of civility has been shattered as reports reveal that he has been using vulgar language to describe former President Donald Trump in private. Despite campaigning on the promise of restoring decorum to the White House, Biden has repeatedly resorted to using obscenities when referring to his predecessor.

According to Politico, at least three people have overheard Biden calling Trump a “sick f—” in private settings. These claims stem from the belief that Trump was supportive of the January 6th riot at the Capitol building. Shockingly, during a speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Biden almost used the derogatory term publicly before being met with applause and laughter from his audience.

In his speech, Biden took the opportunity to condemn Trump and his supporters, accusing them of embracing political violence. He even referenced a rally where Trump made a joke about an intruder attacking Nancy Pelosi, finding amusement in the idea. Biden’s insults towards Trump are not isolated incidents, as one source revealed that he has referred to Trump as a “f—ing asshole” in private as well.

This behavior is starkly contradictory to Biden’s campaign promises. He claimed to be the candidate who would unite the country and restore civility, but his actions since taking office tell a different story. It seems that Biden’s true colors are coming to light, showing that he is willing to engage in low-class name-calling rather than engaging in substantive political discourse.

Furthermore, Biden’s accusations that Trump and his supporters are threats to democracy are baseless and hypocritical. While Biden points fingers, Democratic officials have been disqualifying Trump and attempting to silence his voice through questionable legal measures. It is evident that there is a double standard at play, where Biden and his allies are allowed to attack their political opponents with impunity while simultaneously claiming to champion democracy.

It is disheartening to see the President of the United States stoop to such levels of vulgarity and hypocrisy. Rather than leading by example and engaging in respectful dialogue, Biden has chosen to resort to name-calling and personal attacks. This behavior is unacceptable and unbecoming of a leader. The American people deserve better than a President who cannot control his own language or engage in civil discourse.

As conservatives, we must not acquiesce to this kind of behavior. We should hold our leaders accountable for their actions and demand a return to true civility and respect in politics. It is time for President Biden to live up to his promises and start acting like the leader he claimed he would be.

Written by Staff Reports

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