Biden’s Classified Blunder: Hur’s Report Ignites GOP Fury!

Special Counsel Robert Hur's recent report regarding Joe Biden's handling of classified information has ignited a firestorm among conservatives, presenting what they perceive as a damning piece of evidence that could obliterate any hopes of a Biden victory in the 2024 election. Hur's findings suggest that Biden knowingly retained classified documents, yet fell short of pursuing charges against him. 

In essence, the Justice Department has effectively labeled Biden as incapacitated, akin to what some believe was done with Hillary Clinton. Consequently, Biden is being thrust into the court of public opinion, where the prevailing sentiment leans heavily toward the notion that he is simply too aged to lead the nation. Compounding matters, Biden's frequent lapses in memory, such as misremembering key details like his tenure as Obama's VP or the timing of his son Beau's passing, only add fuel to the skepticism surrounding his mental acuity.

The glaring double standard in the DOJ's treatment of Biden compared to former President Trump has not gone unnoticed. Donald Trump Jr. and legal pundits alike are decrying the apparent hypocrisy, questioning how Biden can be deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial while simultaneously entrusted with the immense responsibilities of controlling nuclear codes and governing the country. The incongruity of the situation is not lost on even progressive voices like Glenn Greenwald, who are quick to highlight its absurdity. Attempts by some to attribute Biden's memory lapses to external factors, such as a terror attack in Israel, are met with widespread derision, even from those ideologically aligned with the Biden administration.

Critics argue that Hur's report is just another instance of bias from within Biden's own DOJ, reminiscent of tactics employed by former FBI Director Jim Comey. While no charges have been filed, the report has undeniably tarnished the already fragile image of the Biden administration, laying bare Biden's apparent cognitive decline and shattering the narrative of his vitality and sharpness. For the Biden camp, this report serves as potent ammunition, while for the GOP, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

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