Biden’s Co-Chair Exposed: Hunter Donor, Ukraine Adviser, and Shady Emails Uncovered!

In a stunning discovery by Fox News, it has been revealed that a former chair for President Joe Biden’s campaign received donations from none other than his shady son, Hunter Biden. To add fuel to the fire, this same co-chair, Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester from Delaware, sought advice from Hunter on Ukraine, a country where he had no experience and may have been using his father’s political connections for financial gain.

The Congresswoman and Hunter exchanged pleasantries through email in 2016, with Blunt Rochester thanking Hunter for his “generous contributions” to her campaign. But their emails went beyond mere pleasantries. Just an hour after thanking him for the donations, Blunt Rochester asked Hunter for advice on Ukraine.

This incident occurred just after Hunter Biden had received gifts for his birthday from the president of Burisma Holdings, an energy company in Ukraine that he served on the Board of Directors from 2013 to 2019. Blunt Rochester’s emails to Hunter, seeking advice on Ukraine, suggest he was assisting her in her role within Joe Biden’s campaign. The same campaign that brought his father ultimately to the White House.

Even as the House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Congressman James Comer from Kentucky, investigates Hunter Biden’s lobbying work on behalf of foreign companies and whether he engaged in criminal activity, President Biden has remained silent. As a Vice President, he was well aware of his son’s business dealings and may have even sanctioned them. Newly released emails reveal that Hunter Biden was regularly emailing the Obama White House about his lobbying work, offering clear access to his business dealings. Joe Biden even played a critical role in firing state actors whom he believed to be corrupt in Ukraine, thus raising questions about his interference in Hunter’s shady transactions.

Rep. Comer has now made the accusation that the FBI made contact with an informant claiming that President Biden had taken a bribe as part of Hunter’s work in Ukraine in 2016, the same time these emails were exchanged between Hunter and Blunt Rochester. It’s time for President Biden to come clean and own up to any wrongdoing rather than focusing on his progressive agenda and ignoring the scandals of his son.

Source: Trending Politics

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