NFL Star’s Pro-Life Stand STUNS White House: See the Tie That Rocked DC!

The members of the Kansas City Chiefs were invited to the White House on Monday. Harrison Butker, the kicker of the team, brought his pro-life and faith-based views with him to the event.

As a devout Catholic, Butker wore a custom-made tie that had the Latin phrase "Vulnerari Praesidio," which literally means "Protect the vulnerable." He also wore a baby feet pin, which shows the size of a baby's feet at just ten weeks old. The pin was created by the Live Action organization, which was started by pro-life advocate and philanthropist, Lila Rose.

In a statement, Butker and his wife said that they understand the difficulties that people go through when they lose a child. He noted that every life is precious.

Although his pro-life views are not new, Butker made a point of wearing a religious garment during the Super Bowl. This item, which is referred to as a scapular, was visible during his winning kick. After the game, Butker expressed his gratitude to God in an interview.

His faith is drawn to the challenges of life, as well as the adversity of playing football. Butker experienced a rocky season during which he missed a field goal and got injured. Despite this, his skills on the field allowed him to share his faith and promote growth in virtue.

During his speech at the White House, Butker spoke about the importance of protecting the unborn. He noted that President Joe Biden is a Catholic and has supported abortion rights.

Despite his professional football career, Butker was still able to show America that his pro-life and religious views are not overshadowed.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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