Biden’s Cringe-Worthy Podium Kick – Unhinged Moment Caught On Camera!

In a recent speech in South Carolina, Joe Biden displayed some strange and concerning behavior that has left many scratching their heads. The Republican National Committee’s research arm shared a clip showing Biden kicking the podium during his speech. In the video, Biden can be heard saying, “If you’re wondering what I’m kicking here, I’m kicking the stand-in. It’s not working.” Biden then pivots around, facing the other direction, and kicks the podium, adding, “How ’bout that? Alright, maybe I’ll stand on it… I’ll be 6’4″.”

Not only did Biden exhibit odd behavior with the podium, but he also appeared to slur his words and struggled to speak clearly throughout his speech. When discussing the deficit, Biden leaned in and delivered a creepy whisper, claiming that he reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion. However, this claim has been debunked as false. The deficit actually fell due to the expiration of COVID spending, not because of Biden’s policies. In fact, Moody’s Analytics has stated that the actions of the Biden administration and Congress have led to higher deficits, not smaller ones.

To make matters worse, Biden had a battle with the teleprompter during his speech. He seemed to stammer and struggle with the words on the screen, further adding to his already bumbling behavior. It’s concerning to see the President of the United States struggling to deliver a coherent speech and rely on a teleprompter for basic communication.

All in all, this latest display from Biden raises serious questions about his mental and physical fitness to hold office. His bizarre behavior and struggles with basic speaking tasks are not the traits we should expect from the leader of our country. It’s clear that his performance falls short and raises concerns about his ability to effectively govern and make important decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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