Biden’s Debate Claim on No Troop Deaths Debunked

President Joe Biden recently made a bold claim during the 2024 presidential debate that he was the “only president” this century not to have any American troop deaths on his watch. However, the facts tell a different story.

Despite Biden’s assertion, the reality is that under his presidency, there have been American troop deaths. In August 2021, 13 American troops tragically lost their lives during the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal that Biden had ordered.

Moreover, in January 2024, three American soldiers were killed in Jordan as Iran-backed militia groups targeted them. The Department of Defense confirmed this incident, stating that the soldiers were supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, a mission against ISIS.
Adding to the toll, two Navy SEALs also lost their lives in January while attempting to intercept a ship carrying Iranian-made weapons destined for Yemen.

Biden’s claim of being the sole president this century without American troop deaths is, therefore, demonstrably false. This discrepancy highlights the importance of fact-checking and holding politicians accountable for their statements, especially when they attempt to rewrite history to suit their narrative.

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Written by Staff Reports

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