Biden’s Desperate Ad on Fox News: Smoke, Mirrors & Dark Brandon

If you check out the homepage of, you’ll see President Joe Biden’s Dark Brandon running for re-election in 2024. But let’s be honest, does anyone really believe he’ll be running? Many people have doubts, and for good reason!

The ad campaign is filled with catchy phrases that show Biden’s true colors. One side of the ad says, “GET REAL, JACK,” indicating that Biden is out of touch with reality. The other side proudly states, “I’M BRINGING ROE BACK,” referring to his obsession with codifying the Roe v. Wade decision. We all know that decision was overturned by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, but Biden just can’t let it go. His proposed Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) would go even further, allowing unlimited abortions up until birth for any reason. It’s a horrifying proposition that disregards the sanctity of life and the values of the American people.

The timing of this ad campaign is interesting, as it coincides with the first RNC primary debate in Milwaukee. Apparently, Biden’s team thought it would be a brilliant idea to advertise on Fox News, a conservative news site. They must be desperate to reach conservative voters who see through his empty promises and disastrous policies.

Rob Flaherty, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, brags about this surprising move. He claims it shows Biden’s willingness to go anywhere and talk to anyone. But let’s be real, folks. It’s just a way for Biden to pander to voters and pretend he’s a man of the people. We all know he’s anything but.

The ad campaign doesn’t stop at abortion rights. There are three other versions of the ad, each targeting issues that Americans supposedly support but the Republican Party opposes. They claim they’re lowering prescription drug costs, protecting Social Security (even though it’s the Democrats who often want to make cuts), and challenging tax cuts for yacht owners. These may sound appealing, but they’re just empty promises from a president who can’t follow through on anything.

PEOPLE magazine, known for its biased reporting, also got an exclusive interview with Biden when he finally acknowledged his seventh grandchild, Hunter Biden’s daughter. It’s no surprise that they’re painting a rosy picture of Biden’s ad campaign and his supposed popularity among Americans. But let’s not forget that the Democratic Party has misled the public on abortion. Most Americans do not support unlimited abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Gallup polls show that only 37 percent support legal abortion in the second trimester and a mere 22 percent support it in the third trimester.

And don’t get me started on the claim that Republicans want to cut Social Security. It’s a lie that has been debunked time and time again. But why let facts get in the way of a good attack ad, right?

While Biden’s busy running his ad campaign, the people of Maui are suffering from devastating wildfires. And what has Biden done to help? He initially had “no comment” on the matter and then decided to visit Maui almost two weeks later. And what does he do during his visit? He turns it into a photo op and starts telling exaggerated stories about his own house fire. It’s typical Biden, making everything about himself and his family.

But let’s not forget that Biden released another Dark Brandon ad while on vacation. Yes, he’s on vacation again! Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is facing another indictment related to the events of January 6. It’s clear where Biden’s priorities lie – not with the American people, but with his own political agenda.

So, as Biden tries to convince us that he’s the hero we need, let’s remember the truth. His ad campaign is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to distract from his failures and misguided policies. We deserve better than Dark Brandon. We deserve a leader who puts America first and upholds our conservative values.

Written by Staff Reports

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