Biden’s Distraction Backfires! Scarborough’s Despicable Lies Exposed

In a desperate attempt to divert attention from their own failures, Joe Biden and the Democrats are once again resurrecting the January 6th incident and casting Trump and his supporters as a threat to democracy. And of course, the liberal media is right there, eagerly amplifying these talking points. But one particular despicable take on this narrative comes from none other than MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough decided to unleash his nonsensical ramblings after Senator Tim Scott endorsed Trump and emphasized the need for a law and order president. Scarborough’s response? He tweeted, “4 cops are dead because of Trump’s riots. Ask their widows and children if Trump was a law and order president.” Well, it’s quite shocking to see Scarborough peddling blatant lies and misinformation. No police officers were killed on January 6th, let alone four. This is just another example of the liberal media’s obsession with pushing false narratives.

But Scarborough didn’t stop there. He also tried to manipulate the emotions of “widows and children” to bolster his argument, even though his initial claim was already baseless. It’s truly disgusting to see someone like Scarborough exploit the pain of others just to push his own political agenda. This is the kind of journalism we can expect from the Democrats’ cheerleaders in the media.

And let’s not forget who has historically been the party of law and order. It certainly hasn’t been the Democrats. Just take a look at the Democrat-run cities where lenient district attorneys have allowed criminals to roam free, leading to a surge in crime rates. The lack of accountability for these crimes is a direct result of Democratic policies. Meanwhile, Republicans have always prioritized law and order, ensuring that communities are safe and protected.

But Scarborough conveniently ignores the fact that leftists have been involved in countless riots, including the violent protests in 2020 where cities were set ablaze and innocent lives were lost. Democrats even called for defunding the police, showing their utter disregard for the safety of communities. And let’s not forget the inauguration riots against Trump in 2017, where over 200 people were arrested, but most of them faced no consequences. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

So, Joe Scarborough can continue spewing his lies and distorting the truth, but the American people aren’t so easily fooled. It’s clear who the real party of law and order is, and it’s certainly not the Democrats. It’s time they start being held accountable for their destructive actions and rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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