DeSantis Drops 2024 Bid, Endorses Trump & Exposes Haley’s Flaws!

In a shocking turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to suspend his bid for the 2024 presidency. And let’s be honest, folks, it’s no surprise. As a conservative news writer, I always knew his heart wasn’t fully in it. While he may have had some money in the bank and spared himself from embarrassing losses in New Hampshire and South Carolina, it’s clear that DeSantis made the right choice. After all, those primaries were bound to be dominated by Trump, with Haley trailing behind like a lost puppy.

But the real highlight of DeSantis’ decision was his endorsement of Trump over Haley. Now that’s what I call consistency! Despite having some criticisms of Trump’s previous term, DeSantis didn’t hold back when it came to Haley’s flaws as a candidate. He’s a straight shooter, folks, and that’s something that we can trust and appreciate.

Now, let’s talk about the debacle that was DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter/X. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Presidential campaigns are all about energy and excitement, and launching on an online platform just doesn’t cut it. We need visuals, we need a real rally that gets people fired up. But no, DeSantis decided to go with Twitter/X Spaces, and it was a disaster. Glitches, crashes, and garbled audio? That’s not the way to make a strong first impression, my friends.

And let’s not forget about DeSantis’ decision to ghettoize his campaign to conservative outlets only. Sure, he may have sparred with the legacy media like a true champion, but by embargoing them and isolating himself, he missed out on opportunities to promote his candidacy to a wider audience. You can’t win a presidential race by only preaching to the choir, folks. He admitted this mistake himself in an interview, but by then it was too late to make a real impact.

But perhaps the most glaring flaw in DeSantis’ campaign was his physical tics. The head bobbing, the hesitant smile, the stiffness – it was all too distracting. His campaign should have done some serious image preparation before going national. We’ve seen enough footage of him from his previous runs to know what needed to be worked on. It’s a shame that his campaign failed him in this regard because there were moments, like his debate with California Governor Gavin Newsom, where he shined and showed real confidence.

And let’s not forget about his online surrogates. Some of these folks were just downright crass and inarticulate. They couldn’t articulate or defend DeSantis’ policies, and it was a poor representation of who he is as a candidate. If you’re paying someone to promote you, they should at least be able to do so with some class and finesse. But it seems like the campaign wasted its money on these folks.


Written by Staff Reports

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