Biden’s FAA Risking Lives for Diversity Points? GOP AGs Fight Back!

In a stunning turn of events, President Joe Biden’s FAA is under fire from a group of sharp-thinking Republican attorneys general who are not buying into the administration’s diversity agenda. The FAA, known for ensuring the safety and security of the skies, is now being accused of prioritizing “diversity bean counting” over actual aviation expertise by AG Kris Kobach and his buddies from 10 states. These GOP heroes are not mincing words, calling out the FAA for risking the lives of American travelers in the name of virtue signaling.

Fox News reports that the FAA has been caught red-handed forcing its employees to attend racial sensitivity training under the guise of a “Year of Inclusion” initiative. While Trump had the good sense to ban such brainwashing sessions, Biden’s administration wasted no time in reinstating them. The FAA’s so-called “strategic plan” to diversify its workforce is nothing more than a smokescreen, according to these AGs with the eagle eyes.

Kobach, a true patriot, expressed his concerns about the FAA’s misplaced priorities loud and clear. He’s not buying into the idea that diversity quotas should trump safety when it comes to America’s air travel. With recent incidents of flight delays and near collisions on the rise, Kobach is right to demand that the FAA get its act together and start hiring based on merit, not on checking off boxes for diversity points.

It’s high time that the FAA stops playing politics and puts safety first. The AGs are demanding immediate action from Administrator Michael Whitaker to refocus on what truly matters – the expertise and competence of those responsible for ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. Let’s hope the Biden administration gets the message loud and clear before their diversity obsession leads to disastrous consequences for American passengers.

Written by Staff Reports

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