Biden’s Grand Canyon Trip: A Tragic Mix of National Security Risk and Hypocrisy!

Biden’s trip to the Grand Canyon is raising concerns about national security and is surrounded by hypocrisy and confusion. Before heading to the Grand Canyon, Biden spoke for 15 minutes at the Red Butte Airfield about conservation and his climate agenda to a small audience. He also announced his plans to designate a new national monument, the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni monument, which will be almost as large as the national park itself. However, this decision is cutting off access to land up to 40 miles away from the Grand Canyon, impacting private water rights and potentially compromising our national security. The House Committee on Natural Resources is demanding answers from Biden about the consequences of this decision.

Critics are pointing out that Biden’s actions are benefiting Russia while hurting our own energy security. By cutting off an area that provides uranium for our nuclear plants, Biden is jeopardizing our largest source of carbon-free electricity. Additionally, his focus on solar panels has given China a competitive advantage. It seems that once again, Biden is helping our adversaries at the expense of our own interests. Furthermore, Biden’s claims about the sacrifices needed to address the climate crisis are hypocritical when he himself refuses to make any sacrifices. He flies all over the country to make short speeches and holds campaign fundraisers/events, all while using a gas-guzzling motorcade. This blatant hypocrisy undermines his credibility on the issue.

On top of that, Biden demonstrated a lack of basic historical knowledge during his remarks. He mistakenly referred to the Grand Canyon as one of the Earth’s nine wonders, when in fact, it is one of the seven natural wonders. This error further highlights Biden’s confusion and lack of attention to detail. Additionally, he appeared confused about when to salute the Marines, opting to salute the general audience instead. These missteps and confusions portray a lack of competence and preparedness in Biden’s leadership.

All in all, Biden’s trip to the Grand Canyon raises serious concerns about national security and is marred by hypocrisy and confusion. His decisions and actions seem to prioritize the interests of other countries over our own, and his lack of attention to detail and historical knowledge further undermine his credibility. It’s clear that Biden’s trip is more about optics and political events than addressing the real issues at hand.

Written by Staff Reports

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