Biden’s ‘Green New Scam’ Claims Another Victim.. Rice?

The radical left is at it again, and this time, they’re targeting one of the world’s most important food sources: rice. Climate “scientists” are claiming that rice farming is a “dangerous” emitter of greenhouse gases due to the methane produced by flooded rice fields. These climate change lunatics want to ban beef and force everyone to eat bugs, and now they’re going after rice, a staple food source for over 3.5 billion people!

National Geographic reports that rice has been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years and is a key food source for people in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Africa. Rice grows in warm, wet climates, such as the flood plains of Asian rivers like the Ganges and Mekong. It’s no surprise that China, India, and Indonesia are the world’s largest rice producers.

While these climate “scientists” are busy attacking an essential food source, Sri Lanka is facing a major food crisis due to its adoption of climate change policies. In an attempt to reduce fertilizer usage in favor of organic farming, the country’s president announced an abrupt ban on the import of chemical fertilizers in April 2021. The prohibition lasted only six months and left the agricultural sector hobbled for years, with yields from rice and other staples halving in many areas, causing a hunger crisis that now requires international aid.

It’s clear that these attacks on rice, along with the Green New Scam, will have catastrophic consequences for the world. Conservatives must stand up to these radical leftists and their dangerous policies that threaten the food security of millions of people.

Written by Staff Reports

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