Biden’s HHS Enforces Trans Pronoun Rule on Staff: Freedom at Stake?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under President Joe Biden's administration is once again promoting a progressive agenda. This time, they have issued a directive mandating that all HHS employees acknowledge their coworkers' preferred pronouns. Can you believe it?

This development began with Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for HHS, publicly endorsing the idea of sex changes for children. Yes, you read that correctly. She believes it's acceptable to provide children with cross-sex hormones, puberty-blocking drugs, and even surgeries. It's truly astounding.

Subsequently, HHS circulated an email, which was conveniently leaked by the Heritage Foundation, outlining their new gender guidance. The email's subject line reads: "HHS Gender Non-Discrimination and Inclusion Policy." Quite a catchy title.

The email commences with a warm greeting: "Happy National Coming Out Day!" Evidently, celebrating one's sexual orientation takes precedence over addressing actual healthcare issues. But hey, who needs priorities, right?

The email proceeds to discuss the creation of a "welcoming, supportive environment" for transgender and non-binary employees. Apparently, ensuring that everyone feels safe and seen is of greater importance than performing their actual job duties.

The email also introduces a new HHS Gender Identity Non-Discrimination and Inclusion Guidance. Essentially, it's filled with bureaucratic jargon outlining the rights and protections for employees related to gender identity. Because nothing signifies efficient government quite like an abundance of unnecessary paperwork.

Here's the catch: the guidance stipulates that all employees should be addressed by the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves. In other words, if someone wishes to be referred to with pronouns like "zhe" or "they," everyone else is expected to comply. Talk about catering to sensitivities.

HHS even went as far as sharing a video message in celebration of National Coming Out Day, as if it were now a national holiday. In the video, HHS officials explain why it's crucial for employees to use preferred pronouns, even if doing so contradicts their personal beliefs. Apparently, compelling individuals to act against their own beliefs is considered the epitome of inclusivity.

So, there you have it. Joe Biden's HHS seems more focused on promoting an extensive gender agenda than on their core responsibility, which is providing quality healthcare for all Americans. It's high time to put an end to this distraction and prioritize what genuinely matters: delivering top-notch healthcare services to the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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