Biden’s Inaction: Four US Families Beg for Hostage Rescue

In a heart-wrenching plea for help, four American families are demanding action from the Biden Administration and the Department of State to bring back their loved ones who have been taken hostage by Hamas. These families have bravely spoken out, revealing that they have received no assistance whatsoever from the State Department or the Israelis.

These families are not asking for the impossible; they are simply asking for President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to fulfill their duty of bringing back American citizens safely. It is the responsibility of the U.S. administration to ensure the security and well-being of its own people. The fact that no formal attempts have been made to help these families is simply unacceptable.

One of the victims, Adriene Neta, was taken hostage from her home near Kibbutz Be’eri in Southern Israel. Her son Nahar Neta shared his hope that she is alive and being held captive in Gaza, rather than brutally killed on the streets where they both grew up. It is a tragedy that these families are forced to cling to such slim hope, while the State Department remains inactive.

Rubi Chen, whose son Itay is an Israeli soldier, emphasized that the U.S. cannot afford to take a back seat in this crisis. The United States possesses considerable resources and influence, separate from what the Israelis can do. President Biden and Secretary Blinken need to step up and utilize these resources to resolve this situation as soon as possible. It is the least they can do for these devastated families.

The lack of communication from both the U.S. and Israeli governments is utterly disheartening. These families have been left in the dark, with no updates or information on the efforts being made to locate their missing loved ones. It is a legitimate request for a representative from the State Department or the Israeli government to sit with them, keep them informed, and provide the support they desperately need during this trying time.

The stories of the missing loved ones are deeply disturbing. One young man, Hersh Polin-Goldberg, was last seen at a rave near the Israeli border that was brutally attacked by Hamas. His mother shared the heartbreaking last messages she received from him before he went silent. Another father, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, revealed that his son Sagui Dekel-Chen is also missing after bravely defending his community against heavily-armed terrorists. These stories are a painful reminder of the dangers faced by innocent civilians in conflict zones.

It is clear that action needs to be taken immediately. Lives are at stake, families are being torn apart, and the silence of the State Department is deafening. The Biden Administration must prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens and work diligently to bring these hostages home. The world is watching, and the families are waiting for their loved ones to be reunited with them. It’s time for real leadership and action, not just empty promises.

Written by Staff Reports

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