Biden’s Iran Strategy Crumbles: Nuclear Threat Looms, No Plan in Sight!

The Biden Administration’s strategy to contain the Islamic Republic of Iran can only be described as an epic failure. It is clear that their attempts to make a deal with Iran and prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon have been utterly incompetent. In fact, they are even worse than Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, which famously included pallets of cash being delivered to the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terror groups.

Top Iran experts in the US and Israel are sounding the alarm, warning President Biden that his administration’s policy of de-escalation and containment has completely failed. Iran is moving at an alarming pace towards obtaining a nuclear weapon, and the Biden Administration’s efforts to prevent that have faltered. Reports have emerged that Iran has increased its production of highly enriched uranium, bringing them dangerously close to weapons-grade levels. They are even carrying out their nuclear activities in underground facilities, making it extremely difficult for Israel or the US to take action against them.

Physicist and nuclear expert David Albright has assessed that Iran could produce enough weapon-grade uranium for its first nuclear weapon in just a week. Within a month, they could have enough for six weapons, and within five months, enough for twelve. This is a terrifying trajectory that cannot be ignored.

The response from the State Department is nothing more than empty rhetoric. They claim to be using a variety of tools to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but their actions speak louder than words. The Biden Administration has shown a complete lack of leadership and the President himself seems clueless about the true threat that Iran poses to the world.

If Iran is allowed to build nuclear weapons, there is no doubt that they will use them. Their track record as a state sponsor of terrorism speaks for itself. They are ruled by a suicidal death cult that has no regard for human life. The consequences of them obtaining a nuclear weapon are too dire to imagine. Major cities like New York, Washington, or even Haifa or Tel Aviv could become targets.


Written by Staff Reports

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