Biden’s Islamophobia Drive: A Desperate Ploy to Save Sinking Ship in Michigan?

Joe Biden’s sudden announcement of an Islamophobia initiative has raised eyebrows and left many wondering why he is not addressing the rise of antisemitism. The truth is, Joe Biden has been wrong about almost everything, so it’s no surprise he’s missing the mark here. But there may be a more shameless and craven reason behind his decision – votes. Democrats in Michigan, a critical state for Biden’s reelection, have warned him that his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict could cost him support within the Arab American community. They have made it clear that if he doesn’t listen to them, they won’t be supporting him either.

It’s not just the Arab American community that Biden should be worried about losing. His poll numbers with Muslims have also plummeted since his response to the Israel-Hamas war. Palestinian and Arab Americans have expressed outrage over Biden’s handling of the situation, with only 17% of Arab American voters saying they will vote for him in 2024, a significant drop from 59% in 2020. This dramatic shift is a clear indication that Biden’s approach is not resonating with this voting bloc.

Faced with these challenges, Biden is trying to play both ends against the middle. He’s now pushing for a “humanitarian pause” or a ceasefire, but even his own White House had to walk back this statement. It’s clear that he’s afraid this issue is going to cost him the election, and he may be right. After all, he’s already in trouble according to polls. It’s no wonder he’s scrambling to appease different groups and save his chances of reelection.

Written by Staff Reports

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