Biden’s Lame Joke Bombs; Wages Drop 3% & Kamala Loves Venn Diagrams!

On Friday, Joe Biden’s attempt to showcase his sense of humor fell flat, leaving him open to criticism on social media. In a feeble attempt to deflect criticism, Biden made a joke about Republicans needing to find something new to attack him on now that inflation is declining. Maybe, he suggested, they’ll even try to impeach him for it. But let’s face it, Biden’s attempt at humor didn’t land and the joke was met with a deafening silence from the audience.

It’s no surprise that the White House could use a laugh track or a reliable fact-checker. Biden also had the audacity to claim that wages are up under his administration. However, critics were quick to point out that since Biden took office, real wages have actually decreased by 3%. It’s just another example of Biden’s detachment from reality and the blatant lies he continues to tell the American people.

But the cringe-worthy moments didn’t stop with Biden. Vice President Kamala Harris also managed to take it to another level with her love for Venn diagrams. She proudly declared her passion for those intersecting circles, proclaiming herself an “undercover geek.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a vice president who is knowledgeable about policy and making sound decisions, rather than one who geeks out over Venn diagrams.

Overall, it’s clear that the Biden administration is lacking in both humor and common sense. Their attempts to connect with the American people through jokes and quirky interests are falling flat on their faces. It’s time for them to focus on the real issues at hand and start delivering results rather than empty promises. The American people deserve better than this endless stream of cringe-worthy moments from their supposed leaders.


Written by Staff Reports

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