Biden’s Latest Blame Game: Republicans Soft on Border Enforcement?

The Biden administration is making political moves yet again, trying to manipulate the story that the Republicans are actually lenient on border enforcement. This effort from the left to shift the responsibility for their mishandling of the border crisis is both shameful and desperate. Considering the fact that Republicans have been advocating for border security for many years, it's difficult to picture them reducing border security or supporting fentanyl smuggling.

The previous Republican president ran his campaign on constructing a border wall in the southern part of America, but the Democrats objected, disrupted, and withdrew funding for it throughout four years. However, the new Republican majority in the House has conducted various hearings on the border crisis in Texas and Arizona, which the Democrats have completely avoided for political reasons. It's been the conservatives who have been vigorously addressing the issue of fentanyl and the enormous number of poisoning deaths it caused last year.

It's evident that the left's "defund the police" campaign is solely supported by left-leaning groups and individuals, who are considered some of the most outspoken progressives in the nation. Similarly, the Biden administration is trying to associate the "defund" label with the GOP. However, this assertion is plainly insincere since Republicans have been the ones advocating for enhanced border security, whereas Democrats have been incentivizing illegal immigration, promoting open borders.

Under Biden's administration, millions of undocumented immigrants have entered the United States. His policies have taken an enduring and consistent issue and transformed it into a catastrophic event of unprecedented proportions. He is entirely responsible for this outrageous and fatal disaster, which makes his latest, ineffective attempt at shifting the blame particularly exasperating and audacious. The incentives provided by Biden's policies for illegal immigration have resulted in an immense influx of migrants at the border.

In short, the Biden border crisis is entirely his, and his attempt to blame Republicans for it is reckless and dishonest. Voters are not easily fooled, and they know that Republicans have been advocating for increased border security and combating narco-trafficking. Biden’s claims are brazen and insulting to the American people who deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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