Biden Praises Communists During Speech, Fails to Condemn Fentanyl Production

President Joe Biden once again showed his true colors during a speech in Canada, where he accidentally praised China instead of Canada while discussing the country’s immigration policy. Though Biden corrected himself, the damage was done. Americans should not be surprised that China is always on his mind, given his shady business dealings with the communist country, and he even admitted as much, saying “You can tell what I’m thinking about China. I won’t get into that yet.”

To make matters worse, Biden failed to condemn China for producing the deadly drug fentanyl, which is causing a surge in overdose deaths in the U.S. Instead, he vaguely stated that fentanyl “has its roots around the globe”. He also conveniently left out China when discussing the countries that shipments of fentanyl were being sent from. However, he did mention Mexico, which is a known transfer point for the drug being smuggled into the U.S.

It’s not surprising that Biden failed to acknowledge China’s role in America’s growing fentanyl problem, as he has consistently shown himself to be weak on China. In fact, during the State of the Union address last month, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shouted that fentanyl was coming from China, but Biden remained focused on interceptions at the U.S. border.

During his visit to Canada, Biden failed to hold China accountable for their actions once again. Though he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the “serious long-term challenge to the international order posed by the People’s Republic of China,” they failed to address China’s role in the fentanyl epidemic.

It’s clear that Joe Biden’s praise for China is unwavering, even when they are responsible for creating and exporting drugs that are killing Americans. It’s time for the president to finally hold China accountable for their actions and show them that the U.S. won’t stand for their harmful behavior.

Written by Staff Reports

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