WOW: Dem Governor To Actually BAN Gas Stoves

New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul is pushing for a budget provision that would ban gas stoves in new construction projects – this also includes water heaters and furnaces powered by fossil fuels. The legislation is expected to be passed this week. The only exemptions would be for emergency backup generators and gas-powered appliances in hospitals, laundromats, and commercial kitchens. But, this ban comes as no surprise, as the Democratic agenda has been pushing for environmentally-friendly legislation.

The Biden administration previously suggested a federal gas stove ban at the beginning of the year, but it was quickly taken back. The American Gas Association has also rejected the idea of banning gas stoves, calling it reckless and part of the “misguided agenda.” A report linking black asthma with natural gas cooking was also deemed “not substantiated by sound science.”

However, liberal journalist John Heilemann mocked Republicans who had concerns about gas stoves and the growing trend of environmental regulation. According to Fox News, he thought of it as just “feeding their base” and “rotting their brains.” This attitude is not only disrespectful but also lacking in basic comprehension of the Republican viewpoint.

Kathy Hochul’s plan to ban gas stoves represents the first time such legislation has ever been put into place, and it’s coming at a time when Americans should be benefiting from the nation’s rigorous polluting rights. The Republican perspective is to call out political ramming and to establish regulations based on the economy’s practicality, not just easy solutions to legitimate environmental concerns.

Written by Staff Reports

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