Biden’s Latest Gaffes: Chaotic Interview Unleashes Surprising Grandkids Revelation!

Joe Biden, the president who can’t seem to keep his thoughts straight, recently did an interview with British podcaster Jay Shetty at the White House. Now, you would think that an interview about mental health would be a perfect chance for Biden to address his own mental health issues, but apparently not. Instead, Biden rambled on and on, sounding like he had a cold and sounding very old. It’s truly concerning that this is the person who has his finger potentially on the button.

But it wasn’t just the rambling and the cold-like symptoms that were concerning. Biden also repeated a debunked story about an Amtrak conductor who died in 2014. It’s as if he’s living in a fantasy world where dead people are still alive. And what’s even worse is that his own family seems to understand his mental health issues. Biden admitted that his family communicates with him by taping notes to his mirror. Some have even interpreted this as an admission of his mental health condition.

And let’s not forget about how Biden has failed to “show up” for so many people, including the people of East Palestine, Ohio. He’s also failed to “show up” for his own granddaughter, Navy, who he ignored until recently. Even now, after doing the bare minimum to avoid criticism, Biden still won’t let the child have the Biden name. It’s clear that Biden’s priorities are completely out of whack.

Overall, Biden’s rambling and lack of coherence in this interview is just another example of why he’s not fit to be president. It’s time for him to retire and take care of himself. But of course, the Democrats won’t do that because they’re more interested in pushing their own agenda than actually helping the American people. It’s a sad state of affairs when our president can’t even answer a question comprehensively.

Written by Staff Reports

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