Biden’s Latest “Senior Moment” has National Security Implications!

After a video of Biden admitting to a secret that the White House had kept queit, he is making news again.

Biden has had many embarrassing moments on the world stage. Some of these include calling other presidents names, referring to the Pope as the devil, and having the sharts with him. So far, there have been no national security breaches.

The New York Post reported that Biden referred to the Iran nuclear deal as dead in a video that was released on Tuesday. He also revealed a state secret.

Biden made the statement to the protesters who were following him during a gathering in California on November 4.

No response was provided by the White House to questions regarding the video. The video was posted on a Twitter account that claims to be an employee of Google.

The controversy surrounding Biden's statement about the Iran deal has been growing. It is troubling to think that the country's most powerful person, who should be knowledgeable about all aspects of diplomatic relations, did not know what he was talking about. His lack of response to this matter shows that he is not competent.

The incident has also raised questions about Biden's mental health. We need a president who doesn't leak national secrets.

Written by Staff Reports

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