WATCH: Tucker Carlson Compiles Hilarious Biden Blunders 2022 Video

Fox Nation is giving its subscribers the holiday gift of humor with Tucker Carlson's list of the best Joe Biden biggest blunders.

Despite the list's humor, Carlson noted that Americans are still dissatisfied with the Biden administration's performance two years in office. He also talked about how major cities have been impacted by the use of illegal drugs.

Despite the various issues that the country has faced over the past two years, Carlson noted that Biden still made many mistakes during his time in office.

Some of the highlights of the special include Biden's infamous bike ride, his confusion of his wife and sister, and the president's discussion about kids touching his leg hair.

Biden was also caught repeatedly repeating the same cues and instructions on a teleprompter. This included his famous line, "End of quote, repeat the line."

Biden has been known to support American-made products. In his speech, he stated that he would start by saying two words: "Made in America."

Besides these, Carlson also covered Biden's numerous appearances and speeches where he struggled with numbers.

In one instance, Biden struggled with numbers when he said that there were about six thousand, three hundred, and forty-four thousand Americans infected with COVID-19.

It's hard to remember the most memorable moments of "Sleepy Joe" without recalling footage of the president falling asleep during meetings and interviews.

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