Biden’s Memory Maze: Media Masks POTUS Pitfalls

The mainstream media is at it again, trying to cover up President Joe Biden’s clear memory lapses during his interview with special counsel Robert Hur. Despite the transcript revealing Biden’s forgetfulness about important details like the start and end of his vice presidency and his own son’s death date, outlets like The New York Times and NBC News are desperately trying to downplay the significance. But let’s call a spade a spade – Biden’s memory issues are a real cause for concern, especially for someone holding the highest office in the land.

Hur’s report clearly stated that Biden willfully retained classified documents, yet chose not to press charges because of Biden’s potential sympathy as an elderly man with a bad memory. Excuse me, but since when did being forgetful give you a pass to break the law? This special treatment for Biden is a slap in the face to accountability and justice. It’s no wonder the liberal media outlets like NPR and The Washington Post are spinning this narrative to protect their beloved president.

And let’s not forget the absurd level of detail Biden went into about his home in Wilmington during the interview. Describing himself as a “frustrated architect” and going on and on about the design and decoration of his house – really? Is this supposed to distract us from his memory lapses and questionable actions? Give us a break.

As Hur testifies in front of the House Judiciary Committee, it’s time for the truth to come out. No amount of media manipulation can erase the fact that Biden’s memory lapses are a serious issue that should not be swept under the rug. It’s time for accountability and transparency, not excuses and cover-ups. Let’s hope the American people see through the smoke and mirrors and demand accountability from their leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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