Biden’s Migrant Surge Cripples Wisconsin Town, Whitewater Begs for Aid

In a small college town in Wisconsin, the poor city of Whitewater is facing a big problem thanks to President Joe Biden’s migration policy. According to the city’s police department, nearly 1,000 poor Latino migrants have flooded into the town, putting a massive strain on the town’s already stretched resources. The city manager and police chief penned a letter to Biden, expressing their struggles in dealing with the sudden influx of migrants and pleading for assistance.

The city officials highlighted the challenges of communicating with an immigrant population that primarily speaks Spanish, as well as the significant increase in unlicensed drivers on the roads. The police have also witnessed disturbing living conditions, such as families living in tiny sheds in freezing temperatures and overcrowded apartments leading to instances of sexual assault. Additionally, there has been a breakdown in trust between the immigrant population and law enforcement, resulting in false documentation and increased time spent on investigations.

The letter also emphasized the financial impact, revealing a drastic decrease in self-initiated traffic stops by the police department. The city is now looking to Biden for financial support to address the overwhelming strain caused by the migration, emphasizing the critical need for government assistance to effectively serve the entire community.

Biden, however, seems more focused on advancing his own political agenda. His $14 billion migration plan has drawn criticism from Republicans, who view it as a magnet for more migration. The plan includes requests for funding to import more migrants from South America, which has raised concerns about the continued strain on local resources and the potential for increased crime.

The city of Whitewater was already facing economic challenges, with a significant percentage of its population living below the federal poverty line. The arrival of Biden’s migrants is expected to drive up housing costs, suppress wages, and compete for jobs with the existing struggling residents.

Furthermore, the influx of migrants has been linked to a rise in crime in the city, earning it a “D” rating for crime. Senator Ron Johnson has highlighted the growing influence of drug cartels in the town, with law enforcement officials confirming substantial amounts of money being funneled back to drug cartels. This has raised concerns about the safety and security of the community, with drug arrests tracing significant funds directly back to the cartels.

The impact of the migration isn’t limited to crime; it also has repercussions for the city’s education system and housing shortage. With approximately half of the high school students classified as poor and a third being Hispanic, the city is facing challenges in providing a quality education. Additionally, the housing shortage is being exacerbated, particularly affecting the poor and migrants, benefitting local landowners.

In the midst of these challenges, Biden’s policy of “Extraction Migration” is adding millions of workers to the workforce, benefiting business groups but putting a strain on American workers. The policy is seen as intentionally adding to the problems faced by Americans, including homelessness, low wages, and a declining middle class.


Written by Staff Reports

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