Biden’s Next Move: Pardoning Hunter After Plea Deal Outrage?

After Hunter Biden's sweetheart deal fell through, a lot of people are asking what will happen to him next. Biden pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday to minor tax charges. He had originally planned to take a plea deal and take part in a diversion program for lying on a federal background check form for buying a gun. On top of that, the Foreign Agent Registration Act says that he broke the law by not registering as a foreign agent, so he is also being looked into for that.

Now, the big question is whether or not President Joe Biden will pardon his son. During a news briefing, the White House made it clear that a pardon is not an option. But Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University says that a pardon is still a "break glass in case of emergency" choice for the president.

But here's the kicker: the White House wants us to think that Hunter's legal problems are just a "personal matter." Really? He worked with Joe Biden in business. How can they just shrug it off? It's clear that the president is trying to distance himself from his son's shady deals, but we don't buy it. This whole situation smells like corruption, and the White House can't hide the fact that it does.

Written by Staff Reports

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