Scandal: Nancy Mace Mocks Traditional Values at Prayer Breakfast!

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has found herself in the spotlight after making a joke about rejecting sex from her fiance in order to attend a Republican prayer breakfast. During her speech at the event, Mace quipped that she turned down her fiance’s advances because she had to get to the prayer breakfast. She later mentioned that she would see her fiance “later tonight.”

After the video of her speech went viral on social media, Mace took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to explain her comment. She clarified that she goes to church because she’s a sinner, not a saint. Mace expressed her gratitude that those present at the breakfast, including Sen. Tim Scott and her pastor, took the joke in stride. She also teased that she would have extra to discuss with her pastor on Sunday.

As with any controversial comment, Mace’s clarification received mixed responses. Some admirers appreciated her sense of humor and relatability, while others criticized her for making light of a serious event like a prayer breakfast.

The prayer breakfast in question was the 13th Annual South Carolina Prayer Breakfast, hosted by Sen. Tim Scott. Also in attendance were Sen. Lindsey Graham, as well as Reps. Joe Wilson and William Timmons. The event was meant to be an opportunity for individuals to put aside their political differences and come together to celebrate faith and South Carolina.

It’s refreshing to see elected officials letting loose and sharing a laugh every now and then. Mace’s joke might have been light-hearted, but it adds a touch of humor to an otherwise serious event. Let’s hope more politicians can inject a bit of personality into their speeches without fear of being criticized. Keep the jokes coming, Rep. Mace!

Written by Staff Reports

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