Biden’s Northern Border Crisis: Shocking 12,200 Illegals Caught in 2023!

Remember how everyone was so focused on the disaster that is the southern border under President Joe Biden? Well, it turns out things aren’t any better on the northern border either. It seems like illegal immigrants who can’t quite make it through the southern border are now looking at the northern border as their “Plan B”. Can you believe it? They just won’t give up!

According to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over 12,200 illegal immigrants were caught crossing into the U.S. from Canada in 2023. That’s a huge increase from the measly 3,578 caught in 2022. And just like the southern border, there’s one hotspot where about 70% of these border crossers are coming through—the Swanton sector, which includes upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It’s like a northern invasion!

But don’t worry, it’s not just people from Mexico crossing the northern border. People from a whopping 55 different countries are trying to get into the U.S. through this route. Just think about that for a second. We’re getting people from all over the globe wanting a piece of the American dream! And to make matters worse, gang members are crossing the northern border too. One member of the 18th Street gang from Honduras has been deported six times already. You’d think they would get the message, but no, they just keep coming back for more.

Now, you might be wondering how these illegal immigrants are getting here. Apparently, some of them travel to Mexico, board a plane to Montreal or Toronto (and they can afford a one-way ticket, mind you!), and then they just waltz across the border. It’s like nobody cares about the northern border! While we’re all busy talking about building a wall on the southern border, the northern border is just there, with its trees and dirt paths, waiting for anyone to stroll right in.

But here’s the real kicker: the weather. As temperatures drop, these poor illegal immigrants start freezing to death. Imagine that, freezing in the woods while trying to break into a country illegally. It’s tragic, really. Border Patrol has already done 15 rescue missions since October 2022, and people are falling into frozen ponds and streams because they’re so disoriented in the freezing dark woods. It’s a real horror show out there.

And let’s not forget about the politicians and officials who are frustrated with all of this. Democrat Assemblyman Billy Jones from New York is complaining that the northern border has been ignored, while Republican State Sen. Carrie Gendreau from New Hampshire is standing up against her Democrat colleagues who want to defund the state’s Northern Border Alliance. It’s a real political battleground, folks.

But here’s the silver lining in all of this: Canadian politicians might just come to the rescue. They’re actually considering requiring a visa for people traveling from Mexico. Can you believe it? Our neighbors to the north might actually have a plan to stop the influx of illegal immigrants through the northern border. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.

So there you have it, folks. While we’ve been focused on the disaster that is the southern border, we can’t forget about the northern border. It’s like a backdoor that nobody’s paying attention to, and it’s about time we start giving it the attention it deserves. Because if we don’t, who knows how many more illegal immigrants will find their way into our country? It’s a threat we can’t afford to ignore.

Written by Staff Reports

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